Lester V. Horwitz is an author, historian, lecturer, playwright, lyricist, and screenwriter.

With his wife, Florence, they purchased
an historic home in 1980. From Ohio
state archives, they learned that their
farmhouse had been raided by
Confederates during the Civil War.
The home is in Symmes Township

northeast of Cincinnati and south of
Loveland, Ohio near Lake Isabella in a
subdivision called Morgan’s Trace.

Thus began two decades of research to learn more about Morgan’s Raid. Beginning March 1995, he and Florence co-chaired a five-month exhibit, “Morgan’s Raid,” at the Greater Loveland Historical Museum in Loveland, Ohio. The exhibit was honored by the Ohio Association of Historical Societies and Museums with the organization’s Outstanding Achievement Award. Concurrent with the opening of the exhibit, Horwitz began writing and collecting stories about the Longest Raid of the Civil War.

His book was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for History and is the first complete chronicle of Morgan’s Great Raid through Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio. When it was published, it became the #1 best selling book in Greater Cincinnati outselling such New York Times best-sellers as Tuesdays With Morrie and Dr. Atkins Diet. Horwitz said, “That was very encouraging. It showed that people were more interested in local history than losing weight.”

He is the first Civil War

author to be filmed and

broadcast nationwide on


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